Why should you visit Strasbourg's Alsatian museum?

Why should you visit Strasbourg's Alsatian museum?
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  1. A museum with an inspiring history
  2. Discover the traditional peasant rooms
  3. Explore a collection of authentic ancient objects
  4. Representation of Alsatian religion

Along with its museums, parks, spa, hotels, etc., Strasbourg is one of the most appreciated tourism destinations. The region is full of magnificent places, among which, the fabulous Alsatian Museum. Located in one of the stunning buildings in Strasbourg, this museum exhibits authentic and traditional Alsatian objects. The latters belonged to Alsatian wealthy families in the past. Planning to visit Strasbourg? Here are the reasons why you should absolutely visit Strasbourg's Alsatian Museum!

A museum with an inspiring history

We all agree that a museum is a place filled with history and mystery. The Alsatian museum is way more than that. It's indeed full of history, but it's also magnificent. If you are wondering what to see in Strasbourg, this place is definitely worth it. Its inspiring history will definitely amaze you, but let's keep it short. 
In fact, the museum has been open since the 20th century. This was a great occasion for Alsatian people to celebrate their culture and heritage. Unfortunately, the museum had to close shortly after due to the World War I upheavals. But this was just temporary. Today, thanks to the authorities of Strasbourg, the museum gathered the most prestigious artifacts, owned by Alsatian families in the past.

Discover the traditional peasant rooms

The Strasbourg's Alsatian Museum has several rooms that were once used for families and friends gathering. The rooms served as dining, relaxing, sleeping and entertaining room for ancient families. If you are fond of history, we highly recommend you to visit the famous Stùb d'Engwiller.  
Known for its intriguing costumes, this part of the museum will make you travel back to the bygone era. You can also admire the craftsmanship of Alsace in this room, as you step back in time. Apart from the Stùb d'Engwiller, there is an iconic and authentic apothecary that you can explore. The latter is made up of tools and objects used by ancient medical alchemists. In other words, this is a laboratory of drugs and herbs that were used in the past.

Explore a collection of authentic ancient objects

In Strasbourg's Alsatian Museum, a collection of Alsatian objects awaits you. The museum exhibits authentic objects in different rooms that you can also explore. Your tour may begin with the Faience stoves also known as Kachelofe. This one is an exposition of the polychrome furniture coming from ancient houses. 
Made of firewood, these pieces of furniture are painted from top to bottom with brown color and different patterns. In addition, there are many other objects such as wardrobes, trunks and much more. It's a magnificent room where a mother even gave birth!

Representation of Alsatian religion

Besides the ancient objects, the museum also takes you on a journey to the religious beliefs and practices of Alsatian families. Baptism, marriage and even death rituals are all displayed in a room, along with the traditional costumes that people wore during the events. You can even find some of the gifts offered for the occasion. Plus, some rooms are dedicated to keep religious objects owned by the Jewish, the Protestant and the Catholic. 
Apart from the magnificent artifacts cited above, the Strasbourg's Alsatian Museum displays the traditional pottery used to cook and preserve the traditional dishes. You may also discover the amazing history of the craftsmanship behind this culinary art!

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