How to avoid a toilet infection today

How to avoid a toilet infection today
Table of contents
  1. Toilet infections and how to prevent them
  1. Avoid vaginal douching
  2. Wearing a pant for a long time is bad for your privates
  3. Never exchange underwear with friends
  1. Treating toilet infections
  1. Coconut solution 
  2. Garlic oil
  3. Hydrogen peroxide
  4. Using probiotics

Toilet infections often affect both the male and female gender who don't take necessary precautions while using toilets. We will look at how to prevent it and treatments you can use. 

Toilet infections and how to prevent them

When you notice inching, pain, or soreness in your private parts or when urinating, you may have toilet disease. Here are some tips to prevent it in the future. 

Avoid vaginal douching

This especially applies to ladies who use foam to clean their privates. Stop using soap and other medicated products to wash, only use clean water. Change your panties regularly. This applies both to the male and female gender. 

Wearing a pant for a long time is bad for your privates

Always wash your panties and change them daily. Avoid physical contact with the WC while using the public toilet. Try to always bend to avoid urine splashing on you, and also distance yourself from public toilets. 

Never exchange underwear with friends

It is a bad idea to borrow or use your friends underwear. You can easily get an infection when using someone else panties and boxers. 

Treating toilet infections

Some toilet infections can go on their own, while others need natural and medical treatment some of which include: 

Coconut solution 

Using coconut oil to treat toilet infection is as old as nan itself. It works well with no known side effects. 

Garlic oil

Eating garlic and using its oil has proven to be a good anti fungal agent that can treat toilet infections. However, this must be done with a doctor's prescription.

Hydrogen peroxide

Using this drug on vaginal and yeast Infections is very reliable. However, it is recommended to dilute this solution before applying it.

Using probiotics

This is another good solution to yeast infections. Because it helps to nullify the bacteria that causes toilet Infections. Toilet infections can cause discomfort, pain and in extreme cases low fertility, be careful.

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