What's a table fireplace?

Bioethanol fireplaces are called "table", which are very easy to transport from one place to another, as they are extremely light.  These are fireplaces that can be described as ultra portable, their sizes reduced to a few tens of centimeters.  They cannot be called an auxiliary heater, but rather a decorative object, even if some models offer significant power.

 Where to place a table fireplace?

A tabletop ethanol fireplace can of course, as the name suggests, be placed on a table.  This, although perhaps its primary vocation, is nevertheless far from restrictive. Indeed, their small weight offers a multitude of possibilities as to the choice of the place of installation, and very appreciable thing, you can move it according to your desires or your needs.  For more information on this subject and others, don't hesitate, the explanation.

You can actually place it on any stable piece of furniture in your home: coffee table (friendly atmosphere guaranteed!), Bookcase, console, chest of drawers, sideboard ... In a living room or even a bedroom ... practically any room in the house  can accommodate these small fireplaces that are perfect for small spaces.

You will also have the option of placing it outside.  Again, placed on a table, thanks to its real flames, it will provide a warm and friendly atmosphere during summer evenings.  It will also provide more lighting than with simple candles, which can, for example, make a card game comfortable!

 How does a bioethanol tabletop fireplace work?

These fireplaces work on the same principle as their big sisters, wall, built-in, or even free-standing fireplaces.  Of course, their sizes do not allow them to have such large tanks, and the number of burners will be limited.

However, the principle remains the same: you fill the tank with bioethanol, and light a burner… and the flame is there!

Of course, nothing will prevent you from placing it on the ground, near a swimming pool for example outside, or to mark a step in your garden, or under a veranda.