Things You Need To Know about Kratom

People believe that this substance is an addictive substance but mind you Kratom has different benefits like anti-anxiety, antidepressant and many more. To know about Kratom, view this article to the end.

How does it work in our body

This drug works amazingly well in our body, by breaking down. Find more in this This depends on the quantity of doses you take. In our research we have understood that the metabolism of Kratom is from it's dynamic ingredients mitragynine in the liver. It's half life is 23hours long. After this time a little amount of it passed through urine. The remaining half stay longer in our body. Even after the effects, this drug can still be discovered in the body system.

How to measure the dose

Kratom dosage depends on the user's age, gender, the health of the consumer. You are not mature, you cannot use this drug. If you just want to use this drug for the first time, this can benefit from it or have the other side of it. So it is advisable to start with low dosage, this process will allow you to know how the side effect performs in your body system. If you notice it has no side effects in your body, you can increase the dosage to a high quantity if you feel like. It is always helpful to monitor this drug in our body, always know how it works, to know your dosage amount. To measure your dosage: low quantity means from 1gm to 5gm and this dosage is used to boost our energy, it increases our libido and makes us to be alert. There is another dose called moderately quantity that helps to treat depressions, anxiety, stress or any form of drowsiness. The dosage is from 5 mg,10 mg, to 15 mg. The last dosage is the high quantity which is from 16 mg to 25 mg. This amount is very high and it is not advisable to use it. But people that have used up to that quantity (experienced consumer) can continue with it. Always take it slow when using this drug