Precautions to take to give your handpan a long life

The handpan is a musical instrument that needs a lot of attention. To enjoy its use over a long period of time, it is essential to maintain it according to your routine. Apart from that, the handpan must be well kept so that it is not affected by rust. In this content, here are some precautions to take.

Adopt a cleaning frequency and technique

Cleaning a handpan is not an easy task. Unlike other music materials, the handpan instrument can be cleaned according to its quality. According to specialists in the field, there are two types of handpan namely: stainless steel handpan and nitrided steel handpan. The two steels are not of the same quality because the first is more resistant than the second. Therefore, for maintenance, it is advisable to pay great attention to your handpan if it is made of nitrided steel. It should be cleaned regularly after each use. To make it shine, use softer oil so as not to scratch the surface of the handpan. For instruments made of stainless steel, it does not require much effort to maintain. You can do it every week or two. The same tools are used for cleaning. For more efficiency, you can also use alcohol.

Protecting your instrument against rust

Cleaning is not the only precaution to give your handpan a long life. In the process, it is advisable to keep your instrument well guarded to protect it from rust which is its number one enemy. So for protection, it is recommended never to keep your handpan in a humid room like the shower or the kitchen. On the contrary, it should be placed in the open air on a cover in a dry room. Also, if you live near the sea, you should cover your handpan to protect it from salt air and water. Now, to avoid this, you can regularly apply oil to the surface of your handpan to protect it from rust.