Speaker: Justyna Król

Justyna Król, Founder and CEO of Urban Workshop

Justyna is an expert in social innovation and urban development. She spent 3 years working for the United Nations Development Programme (Country Office in Poland and Bratislava Regional Centre for Europe and Central Asia) as Social Innovation and Communication specialist. She has created one of the first Polish crowdfunding platforms and has run several crowdsourcing projects in the region. She is the CEO of Urban Workshop (Pracownia Miejska) – a social enterprise specialising in sustainable urban development and future studies for municipalities. Their flagship project is Miasta2050 [Cities 2050].

Speaker: Erika Widegren


Erika is Chief Executive of Re-Imagine Europa (RIE). She has been working in the field of connecting science, society and policy for over a decade. She is fellow at PlusValue, a UK-based European company focusing on social innovation; she is board member of Citizen Communication Platform, a Swedish project to promote stronger communication with citizens; and member of the committee supporting the work of Luc Van den Brande, Special Adviser to President Jean- Claude Juncker, for the Report on the “Outreach towards Citizen” Strategy.

Speaker: Kuba Wygnański

Kuba Wygnański President of Board,Unit for Shipyard – Centre for Social Innovation and Research

Jan Jakub (Kuba) Wygnanski is sociologist by training. He started his public activity as Solidarity activist in Poland. He was participating in historical Round Table talks. After 1989, he became deeply involved in numerous initiatives aiming to support civil society in Poland and other countries. In 2003 he was Yale University – World Fellow. He has started several NGOs including KLON/JAWOR Association (main support, research and information center for Polish non-profit center http://www.ngo.pl) and Forum of Nongovernmental Initiatives (FIP) which plays a key role as representative of Polish Third Sector. Kuba was initiator and coordinator of a multi-year systemic project of Polish Model of Social Economy. For over 25 years Kuba is deeply involved in the research field of the non-profit sector in Poland. For several years, Kuba was a Board Member of Civicus (Global Alliance for Citizens Participation). Since 2018 he is Senior Ashoka Fellow. Currently, Kuba is a President of Unit for Social Innovation and Research SHIPYARD

Speaker: Agnes Hubert

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 12.55.11 PM
Agnes Hubert   President, G5+

Agnes Hubert is an experienced policy maker and a recognised author on EU gender equality policy and Social innovation in the EU. She is currently associate researcher with PRESAGE (Programme de Recherches et d’Enseignements des Savoirs sur le Genre) Science Po/OFCE Paris , visiting professor at the College of Europe in Bruges , founding member and president of the first European feminist think tank, Gender5plus.eu and associate member of the international and European commission of the Haut Conseil de l’Egalité. Economist by training she was a journalist before joining the European Commission where she heldd senior advising functions dealing with social innovation, contributing to raise the issue at the highest levels in European institutions. She has written books (L’Europe et les femmes, identités en mouvement 1998 ; democracy and information society in Europe 1997 and two major policy documents on Social innovation for the European Commission : “Empowering people, driving change: Social innovation in the European Union” 2010 and “Social innovation a decade of changes” 2014, and numerous academic articles and contributions in the fields of her expertise.

Speaker: Robert Hall

Robert Hall017

Currently President of ECOLISE, Robert Hall has worked globally with sustainable development, governance and democracy for the last three decades. He has worked for the UN, EU, OSCE and the Swedish Government including 10 years in the field on the Balkans, in Eastern Europe and South Asia. In October 2018 he completed his second term in the Gotland regional parliament for the Swedish Green Party. He is the founder of Suderbyn Permaculture Ecovillage where he is based when not on OSCE election observation missions. Robert holds degrees in International Relations, Economics as well as Environmental Engineering and Sustainable Infrastructure.

Speaker: Alex Mecklenburg


Alex is the co-founder of the creative consultancy Truth&Spectacle helping companies own and better harness their creative potential. She brings 25 years of experience in communication and business transformation. Alex is also an accredited Executive coach and trainer working with individuals and teams focussing on responsible and resilient leadership. She is an associate at Doteveryone and a fellow at the RSA. Throughout her career Alex has been worked in executive-level leadership roles within the Communications and Consultancy Industry with a track record of co-creating and shaping new creative structures and collaboration models that delivered impactful campaigns as well as innovative products & services.

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Speaker: Nora van der Liden


Nora van der Linden is a director and social innovation advisor. She leads the KL team together with Paul Keller and Kimon Moerbeek. She develops new approaches, strategies and interventions for complex social problems. Nora wants to achieve better outcomes for people who are not seen and heard in society, and to give them a voice. She is particularly concerned with problems connected to urban innovation, education and inequality.

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