Radhika leads our work in communities, working with change makers and innovators in cities and towns in the UK and Europe to develop solutions to tackling inequality.

She leads the experimentation work stream on Social Innovation Community, the network for social innovators across Europe, where we are working with innovators in 4 European cities to co-design solutions to pressing local challenges

She is also leading Reimagining Rent, the UK’s only innovation support programme for the private rented sector, focussing on initiatives tackling issues of affordability, quality and security for vulnerable renters including those on low incomes.

She leads our work on the Community Wellbeing Framework, working with the Co-op to design and create the UK’s first measure of community wellbeing at a neighbourhood level.  This initiative seeks to understand what it means to enjoy a good life in a neighbourhood and to use this insight to support local action.

She leads our work on Community Action Zones, a programme using research and dialogue to support activities that tackle social isolation, recognising that increased isolation has serious implications for individual wellbeing as well as public service budgets.

Radhika is also working on Rootslab, an innovation lab for young women’s action, supporting social change driven by young women in tough places, starting with Lebanon. Working with Oxfam, the Global Fund for Women and FRIDA The Young Feminist Fund, we are testing how social innovation tools and approaches can support young women to advance gender justice.

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